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    Unifeeds / mixers agricultural trailers Juscafresa destined to ensure quick, homogeneous and fluffy mixture of various products for prepare a ration of food with the goal of obtain the best results in terms of livestock production and livestock health, VTSNDD series. Stands out for its vertical system with a chopping and mixing auger with epicyclic reduction with 1 speed, direct hydraulic attack to the tractor, manual hydraulic distributor, and direct central unloading at right side with fixed ramp. Capacity from 07m3.


    Zero grazers agricultural trailers Juscafresa destined for mowing and forage transport SAJDLDH series. Stands out for its mower with cutting width of 1.900mm., bilateral unloading hydraulically displaceable and hydraulic dispenser, electronic control for all functions, hydraulic independent system to use the elevator and hydraulically displaceable drawbar. Zero grazing system starts with the movement of the plates that creates air turbulance that helps to move the feed into the bottom of the elevator. During the mower operation, the elevator put the forage on the front part of the trailer, and then the floor chains moves the material from the front to the back part of the trailer. Capacity from 11m3 to 17m3.


    Agricultural platforms Juscafresa destined for bales transport PLGC series. Stands out for its bale transport system with back tandem axle with rotating front axle that allows greater maneuverability and its incorporated hydraulic system to hold the bales. Capacity from 34 tons.


    Manure spreaders for fruit trees agricultural trailers Juscafresa BASIC MHD2 series destined for small and medium agriculture works / farms of fruit trees such as olive trees, avocado trees, apple trees and others. Stands out for its excellent spread quality between fruit trees. Equipped with spreader group with or without double horizontal beater and double horizontal disc. Capacity from 4,14m3 to 4,80m3.

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