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Juscafresa S.A., since 1960 we manufacture Manure Spreaders agricultural trailers, Forage and Silage trailers, Duplex trailers with interchangeable chassis, agricultural and industrial tipping trailers for the transport of materials, Agricultural Platforms for the transport of bales, Zero Grazer trailers for forage, Unifeeds / Mixers to ensure a fast, homogeneous and spongy mixture of the various products intended to prepare a food ration and straw choppers.

manure spreaders juscafresa
silage trailers juscafresa

muck spreaders

silage trailers

tippers juscafresa


transport cereal and silage

platforms juscafresa


bale transport

zero grazers juscafresa

zero grazers

vertical mixers juscafresa

vertical trailed mixers

horizontal mixers juscafresa

horizontal trailed mixers

horizontal self-popelled mixers juscafresa

horizontal self-propelled mixers

straw choppers juscafresa

straw choppers

Products in STOCK and SECON HAND

Consult the stock products news of Juscafresa, pre-owned or KM0; or products on occasion or second hand that have been used by customers.


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export mundial

International export
We ship to all continents and offer fast after-sales service.

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Financing options
Check our financing plans through the financial De Lage Landen

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