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International presence

Currently, Juscafresa has positioned itself as one of the biggest export companies in the agricultural and livestock sector.

Our presence in the main markets of the world and our extensive knowledge about the habits of the users, allow us to offer you the best solutions to increase your business.

Juscafresa has no limits to export its products to any part of the world; our experience of more than 50 years has made our products fully compatible in all climates, lands and countries of the world.


The amount of exports promoted to create a new headquarters in Mexico, Juscafresa America S.A. de C.V.

We export our machines to all continents weaving a network of importers. With our organization, we manage and provide all regions with a technical and commercial service ready to act in the field with excellent after-sales assistance that offers speed of action, efficiency of execution and A complete service to our customers to achieve full satisfaction and security.

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How do we export our machinery?

internacional exportation

Overland export

The transport of our machines is done by trucks adapted to the needs of each model.

Depending on the features of the models, they can be transported in closed trucks or in open platform trucks.

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export juscafresa

Sea export

We send our machinery into containers that arrive at all the ports of the world; with this way we can send our machinery to any country and region of the world with maximum security.

Our machines are designed to be introduced in 40HC containers and can be combined between some models to take advantage of the space.

Spare Parts and International After Sales Service

Logistics is also an important part of our facilities. Give a fast and efficient service is the priority of our team.

The spare parts can be sent within a maximum of 24 hours after the order confirmation and will be delivered by the most prestigious transport agencies in each country to ensure the correct arrival of the package with the shortest possible time.

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