Tippers agricultural trailers Juscafresa.

Destined for make agricultural works like materials transport with lateral height of 1270mm.

Stands out for be a perfect aesthetic and functional element of great strongness and excellent for unloading. 

Standard equipped with:
Lateral height of 1270mm
Mounted with cylindrical box section 
Manual back door of one part   

Capacity: 11,50 - 16,15m3











Descriptions, data and illustrations are only indicative. Juscafresa reserves the right to make any changes without prior notification.



Hydraulic cylinder from 3 expansions.

The front cylinder has a better balance compared with the traditional cylinders placed below, because when it raises, 

it works with the minimal effort and the joint point compensates the weight on the hitch of the tractor.


Dumper cylindric body with high resistance, designed with a considerable quantity of wrinkles that allow a great rigidity itself and lighten its weight. Rounded conformation of the body that reduces considerably the adhesion of the load: its outline similar to a toboggan directs the load at the center during the unloading.


Standard hydraulic back cover.

Drawbar and jack-stand

Drawbar with springs of 13 leaves with hydraulic jack-stand with manual pump.

Towing eye Scharmüller

Revolving ring towing eye 208284 Scharmüller ISO 20019

Fixed ring towing eye 208092 Scharmüller ISO 20019 

Ball towing eye 207909 Scharmüller ISO 24347


Square rocker axle 100 mm, 1900 track, 10 bolts, brakes 400x80.

Optional wheels

“A higher quality finish means more machine life”

The Juscafresa finishing process is:

-Polishing of the whole machine removing the impurities that persist in the metal.


-Pressurized washing with degreaser solution to obtain a better grip on the primer and prevent corrosion.


-Wash at high pressure with hot water to remove dirt from the metal and remains of adhered products.


-Application of a high quality primer layer.


-Application of two layers of Juscafresa paint specially designed with our corporate color.

Descriptions, data and illustrations are only indicative. Juscafresa reserves the right to make any changes without prior notification.


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