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Visit LANAGRO from Canadá




From Monday 7th of December until Wednesday 9th of December the Juscafresa staff was pleased to receive Mr. Jeff Lancaster from LANAGRO company from Canada that he was interested in knowing our company and our products to undertake new trade routes to Canada.


The tour started in Vilobí d'Onyar where we could see the largest model of the OMEGA series and model with tandem axle of the VTDCDB series with 22m3 capacity.


Then we went to Vilarnadal; near Figueres, to observe a spreader MAXI PLUS series working, J-88 model. There, also we could see working an unifeed; the model had 20m3 of capacity and was from VTDCDB series.


After that, we went to La Roca del Vallès where we find one of the new version of zero grazer of SAJTHH series with a capacity of 17m3. On the same farm, we saw an unifeed model with 22m3 of capacity in operation from VTDCDB series .


Later, we made another visit in Maçanet de la Selva where we observed a zero grazer SAJDLDH-14 working in the field, cutting and collecting fodder and unloading and distributing it in the farm.


We would like to express our appreciation for their collaboration to Granja Aulet Batlle S.L., SAT Can Pol, Ramaderia Can Solei S.C.P., and Ramaderia Can Toni Roura.

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