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Importers and ranchers from RUSSIA visit JUSCAFRESA


On Monday 16th of November of 2015 the Juscafresa staff had the pleasure of receiving a group from Russia interested in knowing our Company and our products.


The visit began in Vilarnadal village; near Figueres, where were working three Juscafresa manure spreaders.

This time, we could be the spreaders models MAXI PLUS J-88, MAXI SUPER PLUS J-92 and MAXI SUPER PLUS J-95.


Then, the visit continued in Maçanet de la Selva where we observed a self-harvesting wagon SAJDLDH-14 working in the field, cutting and collecting the fodder, and the unloading and distribution in the farm.


We would like to extend our thanks for their collaboration to SAT Can Pol, Agroserveis Empordà, Francesc Cervilla, and Ramaderia Can Toni Roura.

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