Zero grazer agricultural trailers Juscafresa.

Destined for mowing and forage transport.

Stands out for its system that starts with the movement of the plates that creates air turbulance that helps to move the feed into the bottom of the elevator. During the mower operation, the elevator put the forage on the front part of the trailer, and then the floor chains moves the material from the front to the back part of the trailer.

Standard equipped with:     
Hydraulic installation system to use the elevator
Fodder hydraulic back cover compass type
Cutting width 1900 mm
Hydraulically displaceable drawbar
Axles according to model:
E60: Square simple axle 60mm, 1500 track, 6 bolts, brakes 300x60
EBI70: Rocker axle 70 mm, track 1520, 6 bolts, brakes 300x60 

Capacity: 11 - 17m3











Descriptions, data and illustrations are only indicative. Juscafresa reserves the right to make any changes without prior notification.


Mowing system

The process consists of cutting the fodder by the mower plates which at the same time makes an air turbulence that helps the entrance of the fodder to the bottom of the elevator.


The elevator has the function of raising the cut forage towards the front part of the trailer where the material will accumulate and will move towards the rear by the drag chains.

Plate mower

The top plate has three blades that create air turbulance that helps to move the feed into the bottom of the elevator. 

The lower plates are entirely independent from the top plates and turning by the friction on the ground.


Mower with 1900mm of cutting width 

Hydraulic independent system

Hydraulic independent system to use the elevator and dispenser.

The mower has one or two springs providing suspension so it can adapt to the terrain, and therefore avoid excessive friction of the plates on the ground.


The feeder is raised by 6 ou 8 teeth and guided by channels, passing between the blades until the ejection in the body of the trailer. The tines are forked so they can pass through the cutting blades.


Fodder hydraulic back cover.

Drive shaft 

Homokinetic joint front transmission and friction disk clutch.

Back standard transmission and homokinetic joint.

Hydraulic kit

Flow diverter with control button box by cable to operate all the functions.

Button control

Button control with cable connection for all functions.

Drag system

Equipped with oval chains of 10mm.


Hydraulically displaceable drawbar.

Towing eye Scharmüller

Revolving ring towing eye 208857 Scharmüller  ISO 5692-2

Ball towing eye 208864 Scharmüller ISO 24347


Square straight axle 60 mm, 1500 track, 6 bolts, brakes 300x90.

Square rocker axle 70 mm, 1520 track, 6 bolts, brakes 300x90.

Optional wheels

“A higher quality finish means more machine life”

The Juscafresa finishing process is:

-Polishing of the whole machine removing the impurities that persist in the metal.


-Pressurized washing with degreaser solution to obtain a better grip on the primer and prevent corrosion.


-Wash at high pressure with hot water to remove dirt from the metal and remains of adhered products.


-Application of a high quality primer layer.


-Application of two layers of Juscafresa paint specially designed with our corporate color.

Descriptions, data and illustrations are only indicative. Juscafresa reserves the right to make any changes without prior notification.


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