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REGISTER NOW your machines!


We kindly ask you to read this post carefully if you have a Juscafresa trailer that has not been registered.


As established in Order EIC 1337/2017 that updates Annexes I and II of RD 2028/1986, as of December 31st of 2018, the registration of vehicles of the R and S categories homologated referred to repealed directives by R (EU) 167/2013 will not be allowed.


Note (D) of the aforementioned Royal Decree establishes the possibility of registering vehicles whose homologation loses its validity due to the entry of new requirements. For this, we would need you to provide us the serial number of the non-registered vehicles to be included in the end-of-series request, to be submitted to the Ministry, before the 30th of November of the 2018.

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