Our operational structure extends over 4.500 m2 of plant and 43.300 m2 of open air, with an optimized organization of production, controlled at every stage of manufacturing. Similarly, our quality and after-sales service guarantee our customers to work every day with assurance and satisfaction.

It is at this headquarters where Juscafresa machinery is produced and where management functions, projection, development, innovation, standardization, communication, quality control and after-sales service work.


Our offices are equipped with the latest technology and our team is prepared to cover all functions within the company.

The offices are designed in departments connected with each other to facilitate communication between the team and achieve the best service to our customer.


The facilities where our equipment is manufactured are divided according to activities to improve and accelerate the production chain. Juscafresa has high precision CNC machines, robotic arms and a painting room and finishes to ensure that our machines come with the highest quality standards.


Logistics is also an important part of our facilities. Give a fast and efficient service is the priority of our team.